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Bronx Twins

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 Team Assassin {The Bronx Twins} Rell and Dell have come a long way in the music business. The team started out with three members Rell, Spade and Dell. The team started rapping in Junior high school at the age 13. The reason they started rapping because neighborhood high school bullies use to come to their school and harassed the children. After a few confrontations with these high school students they decided to make a diss rap. Their mother to took them to the studio to record it at Diamond studio in the Bronx. Their junior students school loved it. 


They decided to continue rapping and became an hip-hop group called Team Assassin.

They started writing songs and their mother would take them to studio. This group of male teenagers had amazing talent to be first time rappers.


Vonda their mother started managing them. She started a radio internet business called vonfence Radio on 125th street next door to the Apollo in 2005. They became familiar with the music business being introduced to the old school rappers like Melly Mel, Red Alert, Kid Capri, Crash Crew. Dj Afrika Bambaataa and Rodney Stone member of Funky 4 plus one more.  The radio internet station had over 20 djs, allowing unsign artists the opportunities to be heard and perform at the station. Vonda also had her own Sunday show and Team Assassin would come there to perform and be interviewed and eventually would intern and learn the music business.


Team Assassin also did performances for CEO of "On Track Production" Rodney Stone. He allowed the twins to practice their talent and to perform at his events at several schools and showcases. Though they were still teenagers they would still perform in clubs in the Bronx, New Jersey, Connecticut.


In 2006 Team assassin released their first mixtape called “Move with the Movement or Get Ran Over” which contributed to them becoming more popular in the neighborhoods. This team would develop an ethic of working hard and started building a fan base. They continued rapping during high school and as time went on they needed to take a break from the music to finish high school. 

November 2010 a terrible loss of Spade (Eric Stovall) was killed in his neighborhood on his way home. Their hearts was broken to lose a best friend/brother. So unbelievable and to this day Spade never received any justice and the killers weren’t arrested.  The pain and loss of Spade made the team step down from the music business. Two years past since Spade’s death, Rell and Dell was approached by Spade’s older brother. He said. “The team needs to start rapping again.” like magic Rell and Dell felt the desire to rap again. They knew their destiny was to finish a dream the whole team once had. The dream to be successful in the music business and to fulfill what Spade wanted. 


Team Assassin had to work their way back into the music business, they decided to change the Team assassin logo in memory of Spade. The logo has a big gold spade in the middle of it. They wanted to continue using the name Team Assassin and add (The Bronx Twins) to it. December 2012 they released a song and video called “Go Hard” and 3 other songs released called “2013 Shit”, “We don’t give a Fuck”, “Room full of Bitches”. They came back to the music using strong lyrics expressing their anger, pain, loss and motivation they had to show determination to not allow their misfortunes to stop them. 


As they matured into young men, they would self market, creative ideas and would always be thinking of new ways to promote their music. An opportunity presented itself that would spring board them into acting and they would eventually come up with the idea to start their own web series “5 Boros 2 Life”. An urban web series which would capture their environment and show people what life was like in Jane Adams Projects as well as many other city neighborhoods. This web series would quickly grow to be a very popular show and won the best web series award, at the Urban Web Series Award show. 


The desire to always stay relevant and to keep trending would lead them into their new idea of starting their own clothing line “Somanic Couture”. The clothes would match the twins flashiness, swagger, and dopeness bringing a fresh new look to NYC which had celebrities like Cassidy and Safari rocking their gear and thousands of followers ordering it as well. With a steady growing fan base and spiking with success Team Assassin looked to seek counsel and management and would team up with from 220 entertainment. 


Some notable venues that Team Assassin has performed and hosted at are Skyline lounge, Engente lounge, Gasoline, Cue lounge, Yatch party at pier 83, Ibiza lounge The Lab, Heavens gentleman club, and Mixx Lounge Long Island. They continue to film their web series, make clothes, and record new music daily building their kingdom. And with their hustlers ambition constantly pulsing through their bodies this dynamic group is set to make it big.